Editing out error’s edits!

Sometime in the mid-1990’s The Christian Science Monitor hosted an exhibition dealing, in part, with the impact of the then new digital photography on ethics in journalism.  I particularly recall looking at three photographs, two of which were edited versions of the same original.  All three were of the Communist leadership watching a May Day Parade in Moscow’s Red Square. In the first of the two edited versions, one of the individuals had been digitally removed from the photograph, and in the second a can of Coke had been inserted into someone’s hand.

dock-in-waldoboro-me-11-06-16I was immediately struck by the technology that enabled this to take place, but of greater import, by the implication for the rewriting of history.  Individuals could be removed as if they had never existed or been part of an event, or added—all to further a particular political or philosophical position.

In other words, unethical journalism could manipulate the history of human events to its own false narrative—a history that wasn’t true.

And, needless, to say this was very concerning!

However, beyond the obvious connection to the history of humanity, there’s a deeper metaphysical implication here—an implication that we need to take seriously.

“What might that be?” you may be asking.

Simply put, it’s error’s constant attempt to edit falsities into our narrative—a narrative that is God’s story of us as His image and likeness.

Edits proclaiming us as flawed mortals filled with limitations, misdeeds, poor past choices, and wrongful acts.  “Histories” asserting proclivities towards diseases, heredity, or poverty.  Scenarios boasting beliefs of ingrained negative personality traits.  Outlines declaring victimization and oppression.

The list could go on and on with all the etcetera of evil—of the carnal mind!

And all of which seem to be a never-ending vortex inexorably sweeping us down into its yawning chasm.

But none of it—not one iota of it—is true!

And therein lies our means to freedom.

In her book Retrospection and Introspection, Mary Baker Eddy wrote:

The human history needs to be revised, and the material record expunged. (p. 22)

“Well,” you might be thinking, “I can see the importance of that, but how does it get accomplished?”

By humbly turning to God to learn whatever spiritual lessons need to be understood about the errors you’ve accepted about yourself and about God—and by applying those lessons to your experience—you are in fact expunging the material record—that’s how!

And since that record is expunged, the human history is necessarily revised!

That’s right!  No shadows of things that never took place and that were never truly part of you remain to haunt or linger.  No false echoes.  None!

On page 470 of Science and Health, Mrs. Eddy stated:

The relations of God and man, divine Principle and idea, are indestructible in Science; and Science knows no lapse from nor return to harmony, but holds the divine order or spiritual law, in which God and all that He creates are perfect and eternal, to have remained unchanged in its eternal history.

“Unchanged in its eternal history” means, “unchanged in its eternal history”!  No wiggle room there!

So get out your spiritual red editorial pens.  Edit out the lies and replace them with the truth of your ever-perfect healthy, harmonious, and holy relationship to God in whom you have always lived, and moved, and had your being!

There simply is no other narrative!

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  1. Really appreciate this perspective on expunging the material record. Thank you so much. 🙂

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