A wall or steps?

Steps after snow 02.25.15The photo at the right could be seen as a vertical wall blocking the way or as steps viewed from above. Which one is it then?

They are actually our front steps after one of the many snowstorms we had here this winter.

Now, there is a metaphysical point to this that leads directly to healing and reformation.

How are you viewing any challenges that may be facing you?

Are you seeing them as insurmountable, or at least extremely difficult, obstructions to your health and harmony?

Or are you viewing them as opportunities to grow spiritually and be lifted by the Christ, step-by-step, out of the darkness of the material lie into the ever-present light of Truth—of God, in whom we live and move and have our being? (Acts 17)

If it’s the former, you would do well to step away from that position—realizing that it is nothing other than mortal mind’s lie tempting you into identifying with it and thereby believing that it is your own observation and conclusion.  A conclusion that has nothing—nothing—to do with God and you as His image and likeness!  An image and likeness that you have never been anything less than—regardless of what mortal mind, or what the Apostle Paul referred to as the carnal mind, has been claiming!

You are always in divine Love! There is no other existence. None!

Mary Baker Eddy wrote in her Miscellaneous Writings, p. 79:

Man’s origin and existence being in Him, man is the ultimatum of perfection, and by no means the medium of imperfection. Immortal man is the eternal idea of Truth, that cannot lapse into a mortal belief or error concerning himself and his origin: he cannot get out of the focal distance of infinity.

To paraphrase what TV law enforcement officers say, “Step away from the wall!”

And step up into the light of Truth!

4 thoughts on “A wall or steps?

  1. Dear Ken – thank you for these lovely and clear, compulsively logical thoughts! And, by the way, I recognized your stairs steps right from the start, even before reading the following text. Greetings from across the ocean, Uli

    • Hi Uli! You’re welcome and I’m so happy you’ve found the ideas helpful! And, of course, you’d recognize those steps! 🙂 Greetings to you and Micha.

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