New JSH-Online Christian Science Sentinel Watch Podcast

Rhododendron in Concord, MA 05.27.18The JSH-Online audio podcast “Overcoming traumatic memories fully and finally” has just been posted at the Sentinel Watch section of the Christian Science Sentinel.  Rita Polatin interviewed Erin Powell and me about how the Christianly scientific understanding of our indestructible relationship to our Father-Mother God—a relationship that is our only history—frees us from the lies and bondage of so-called traumatic beliefs: lies that would attempt to keep us from going forward as healers in the way of God’s appointing!  Lies that are null and void!

You can hear it at:


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  1. Thanks Ken, this interview was so helpful in reinforcing the need to never accept any error presented to our thought, no matter how subtly. Thanks for the re-enforcement of this requirement.

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