New JSH-Online Christian Science Journal Podcast

cranberry-bog-in-carlisle-ma-01-29-17The JSH-Online audio podcast “The healing distinction between spiritual and material sense” has just been posted at the Record of Truth section of The Christian Science Journal. In a two-part interview format, Rita Polatin interviewed me and then Elise Moore, C.S.B., about how understanding our spiritual sense is the key to handling whatever problems we appear to be experiencing in our lives—an understanding that comes by using the truths of Christian Science.

You can hear it at:


4 thoughts on “New JSH-Online Christian Science Journal Podcast

  1. Hi Ken,

    I listened to a podcast (maybe part 1) by Rob Gilbert on Healing Distinction between Spiritual and Material Sense. Very good. Thanks for sending yours. I will listen to it.

    Deb Haynes

    • Hi Deb,

      Glad you enjoyed Rob’s podcast! But it’s a different one–similar title. Just click on the link above to get to the one that Elise and I did. 🙂

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