Familiarity’s a good thing, right? Well, in many cases “yes.”

But not in all!

Sunset 10.28.14In terms of spiritual progress, there can be a ploy of mortal mind that uses “familiarity” as a means of keeping the individual from hearing what God is actually revealing to them—the new spiritual understanding that will destroy whatever inharmonious belief has been engulfing the person’s thought, whether it’s sickness, sin, financial problems, relationships troubles, emotional upheavals, etc.

Let me make this clearer by giving you an example of what I’m talking about.

Imagine a student in a classroom who feels that they are familiar with a process or theorem that a professor is explaining in detail to them, and the student—thinking that they already know the information—tunes out what is actually being conveyed. And in the process ends up missing the very point that will shed a new and deeper understanding on the ideas!

Now, think for a moment about the number of citations from the Bible and Science and Health, as well as Mary Baker Eddy’s other writings, that you are very familiar with—perhaps which you have perfectly memorized.

It’s probably quite a few.

And now think about how often you actually grapple with those ideas to get an ongoing deeper spiritual understanding of what those words represent—of the healing power the ideas convey.

If you’re honest, you might actually be aware of a tendency to scan or gloss over some of them while reading or studying. And that tendency, my friends, is the activity of mortal mind—of the carnal mind—seeking to keep you in the mist of Genesis II.

To keep you in the dream of life and mind in matter.

A dream that has not one iota of truth or reality to it!

What to do?

Take a few moments to first pray for alertness, teachability, receptivity, revelation, and understanding. Open your thought to what God is actually revealing to you and be willing to strive to understand it and put it into practice. Those spiritual truths will no longer be relegated to the “oh-so-familiar.” You’ll be amazed how they will deepen in your thought and bring forth the fruits of healing—fruits that are the result of gaining a new understanding of the allness of God.

Fruits that God is imparting to you!

Remember, the Bible states (Rev. 21:5)

Behold, I make all things new.