Confusion and the mist

I’ve been noticing among some Christian Scientists a type of confusion about their role in achieving healing through Christian Science.

Carlisle sky 04.25.12Some think that all they need to do is to humanly declare a spiritual truth—perhaps over and over—and whatever ailment or inharmonious situation they’re dealing with will be healed. While others look to the human personality of the practitioner rather than to God. And then there are those that, in lieu of changing their thinking and lives, mistakenly look upon Christian Science treatment as if it were a medical model of taking a drug or undergoing a procedure.

Often, however, these folks find that they are not receiving the healing they desire and are left feeling hopeless, frustrated, or discouraged.

Yet they continue in the same unthinking, unproductive, and unspiritual vein.

What would cause them to do this?

Plainly put: the “mist” of Genesis II, alias the carnal mind—mortal mind, error, evil, animal magnetism.

It would attempt to mystify and cloud their thoughts in order to keep them in the dream—in the belief—of life and mind in matter. That would keep them enslaved to the delusion that there is another power, presence, intelligence, existence, and activity other than God.

All too often, though, these same individuals are reluctant to accept the spiritual fact—the spiritual demand—that they are required to spiritualize their thinking and behavior. That they must be willing to put off the old man and put on the new as the Apostle Paul proclaimed. That they need to repent and reform!

Mary Baker Eddy wrote:

We must receive the divine Principle in the understanding, and live it in daily life; and unless we so do, we can no more demonstrate Science, than we can teach and illustrate geometry by calling a curve a straight line or a straight line a sphere. (Science and Health, p. 283)

“Live it in daily life…”

That “live” is an active, constant requirement for each of us to be letting go of the false beliefs of matter that we have entertained and instead be grasping hold of a deeper sense of Spirit—of God—and of our indestructible relationship to Him. A deeper sense that heals not only ourselves, but also others

And what about the mist and confusion?