Here it is, Christmas Eve Day, and much of our society is preparing for Christmas festivities—visiting family, gathering around meals, attending church services, and exchanging gifts.

And as pleasant as those activities and gifts can be, let’s not be swept up by them and forget that there are gifts far greater than these—gifts “…where neither moth nor rust doth corrupt…” (Matt. 6:20)

What are those?

The spiritual, imperishable, unassailable, immutable gift that Mary Baker Eddy brought to the world through her discovery and founding of Christian Science—the Comforter that Jesus foretold.

In the Preface to Science and Health (p. vii), she wrote:

The time for thinkers has come.

What a simple and direct statement!

Arlington Heights  02.06.11Yet, it’s a statement that’s not only a spiritual observation, but, perhaps of greater import, is a command to each of us to think—to use the gifts of spiritual discernment, perception, and judgment that we all have been endowed with by our Maker.

Why are these so important?

Because they are gifts that lead us into more fully understanding what Christian Science is and what it isn’t.  Gifts whose absence would make it impossible to have the spiritual clarity so necessary to be the healers that God has anointed and appointed each of us to be.  Gifts that enable us to both become aware of and see through the lies of mortal existence and then bear witness to the real individual who is made in the image and likeness of God.  To the truth of being!

As Mrs. Eddy stated:

The Christlike understanding of scientific being and divine healing includes a perfect Principle and idea, — perfect God and perfect man, — as the basis of thought and demonstration. (Science and Health, p. 259)

And it’s that Christlike understanding—that precious gift—which allows us to heal the sick and reform the sinner.  The gifts that bring salvation to a world so deeply and obviously in need of Christian Science.

And could any gift be greater than these?

Think about it.

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