Upon hearing the term “diagnoses,’ most students of Christian Science would immediately think of the medical diagnoses of diseases or other physical maladies—and they would generally not want to go in that direction!

Why? Because learning of matter’s view of itself is exactly the opposite of how Christian Science works in healing ourselves and others.  It tends to entrench the problem more deeply in the individual’s thought as the images of the condition and the pronouncements by the medical “authorities” loom in consciousness, thereby generating more fear—the source of the problem to begin with.

Lilacs 05.10.13Instead, we need to be looking to what our omnipresent, omniscient, omnipotent, and omni-active Father-Mother God knows about His/Her perfect creation—you and me.  A creation that always reflects health, harmony, and holiness.  Always!

Yet there are other forms of diagnosis that we might not be so alert to.

Such as?

Well—how about those nightly news reports that talk about the lack of economic growth or job possibilities for the unemployed or those about to enter the work force?

Just last week my wife, Carolyn, and I were watching PBS’s NewsHour which aired a segment about how difficult it was for people in their 50’s and 60’s to find new employment after having been laid off from their previous work.  Individuals told their stories, and psychologists, economists, and other experts chimed in with all the “reasons” for this problem.  The general diagnosis, although all agreed to be unjust, was one deemed pretty bleak.

But is it true?  Is it any different than the medical diagnosis that predicts dire outcomes or increased impediments?

None, whatsoever!

And just like the medical type, this too can be overthrown and seen for what it really is—nothing other than a material belief without power to adversely affect us.

This becomes clear as we rely on our growing understanding of God and recognize that as God’s beloved children—as the reflections and expressions of infinite Mind—we are not subject to any form of limitation.  In any sphere!

Mary Baker Eddy wrote:

God expresses in man the infinite idea forever developing itself, broadening and rising higher and higher from a boundless basis. (Science and Health, p. 258)

There simply are no restrictions in any conceivable direction in that statement—a statement which applies directly to each and every one of us.

And that includes employment.

We are, after all, in the employment of God—as His image and likeness.  And that employment is eternal, unchanging, and ever-fruitful.

It’s an employment that’s always about healing and expressing divine Love—of seeing through the nothingness of error to the reality of Spirit—regardless of what specific field it is manifested in.

As we strive to gain a deeper spiritual understanding of God, of His government, and who we each are as His creation, we’ll be unfailingly led to where He wants to employ—to use—us.

And no barriers of age, gender, human history, etc.—of material diagnoses—can block our way.

Revelation (3:8) in the Bible states it perfectly:

I have set before thee an open door, and no man can shut it:

So, go ahead.  Walk through that open door that God is leading you to.

Be employed as the healer that He has made you to be!

6 thoughts on “Diagnoses

  1. Thank you Ken, just in perfect time to help so many that seem to be struggling with the belief of unemployment and age!

  2. Thanks, Ken! This is great!

    In Science and Health (52), under the marginal heading, “Saviour’s prediction,” Mrs. Eddy wrote, “… the nothingness of material life and intelligence and the mighty actuality of all-inclusive God, good … were the two cardinal points of Mind-healing, or Christian Science, which armed him with Love … [He] prophetically said to his disciples, speaking not for their day only but for all time: ‘He that believeth on me, the works that I do shall he do also;’ and ‘These signs shall follow them that believe.'” And healing happened. So, when it comes to diagnoses, predictions, or forecasts, of any kind, I will choose to be guided by our Saviour’s prediction, proceed according to Love’s leadings, and follow His call to discipleship!

  3. I love Mary Baker Eddy’s statement which your blog confirms: “Predicting danger does not dignify life, whereas forecasting liberty and joy does; for these are strong promoters of health and happiness.” Thanks Ken, for your thoughtful post.

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