Validate your parking?

No, I’m not talking about a parking garage!  What I am talking about is where do we park our thought and what concepts are we using to validate it.

This is an extremely important question for each of us to be asking ourselves as Christian Scientists.  In fact, it’s so important that Mary Baker Eddy used the marginal heading “The great question” next to this statement from Science and Health (p. 307):

Above error’s awful din, blackness, and chaos, the voice of Truth still calls: “Adam, where art thou? Consciousness, where art thou? Art thou dwelling in the belief that mind is in matter, and that evil is mind, or art thou in the living faith that there is and can be but one God, and keeping His commandment?” Until the lesson is learned that God is the only Mind governing man, mortal belief will be afraid as it was in the beginning, and will hide from the demand, “Where art thou?” This awful demand, “Adam, where art thou?” is met by the admission from the head, heart, stomach, blood, nerves, etc.: “Lo, here I am, looking for happiness and life in the body, but finding only an illusion, a blending of false claims, false pleasure, pain, sin, sickness, and death.”

Glacial Park, IL Prairie 11.24.12Now, you may be thinking: “Wait—I’m a Christian Scientist and of course my thought isn’t dwelling in matter!”

But are you sure?  What might you be doing to validate where your thought really is lying?

Are you looking to material evidence—medical studies and/or diagnoses—for confirmation of the effectiveness of Christianly-scientific healing?  Have you accepted the false notion that material-based systems of health could in any way possibly validate the power, might, and majesty of Christian Science whose demonstrations of the omnipotence, omnipresence, omniscience, and omni-activity of God alone validate it through the healings that it has and does bring about?

Are you looking to other religious systems to see if they’re similar to Christian Science in a futile attempt to find justifications for the Science of the Christ—the Science which is absolutely unique and which is the only path to the salvation of humanity?  Or might you be investigating elsewhere in a desire to shore up a faltering or flailing sense of devotion and consecration to achieve a healing that’s not coming?

Or perhaps you’re looking to your body for validation of who you think you are—positively or negatively?  Of whether you think you’re attractive or not?  Or healthy or not?  Or successful or not?

Possibly you’ve found yourself seeking answers about Christian Science from other sources than Eddy’s writings—sources that falsely purport to have the “deeper meanings” of Christian Science.  Sources that lure the reader away from the Comforter into a “Twilight Zone-like” state.  To a state away from the healing power of Truth—of God.

And maybe, just maybe, you’ve bought into the concept that you can make a smorgasbord of taking what you feel “comfortable” with from the teachings of Christian Science while mixing it with other religious, philosophical, or psychological systems—not realizing that to do so saps the effectiveness of your turning to Christian Science?

Yet in answer to all of these questions, Mrs. Eddy wrote:

You render the divine law of healing obscure and void, when you weigh the human in the scale with the divine, or limit in any direction of thought the omnipresence and omnipotence of God. (Science and Health, p. 445)

So—the questions for each of us ultimately become:

  • Are we parking our thought, even in part, in matter and looking for validation there?
  • Or are we striving to keep our thinking at one with God—with Spirit—in whom, as the Apostle Paul stated, “… we live, and move, and have our being”? (Acts 17).

The first brings disappointment.

The second fulfillment, healing, freedom—and, yes—validation!

14 thoughts on “Validate your parking?

  1. Glad Phil suggested your blog. You hit the nail on the head… Thank you, Loral

  2. Thank you Kenneth and to Phil for having recommend it! Wonderful inventory of thought you suggested here and I’m grateful because it can be done several times amongst our “busy” days…

  3. I agree with you that Christian Science i unique and it is the only Science which represents Christ, Truth, and the only Science that will save the world. I am always very grateful to find also in other religious philosophies more and more a little of Christ-Truth. And I think we all should be. Divine Science embraces the Universe. Thank you Kenneth Girard and greetings from Nürnberg.


  4. Good afternoon from Germany! 🙂 I am glad Phil recommended your post, Mr. Girard! One sentence in particular hit a target: ” ..mixing it with other…—not realizing that to do so saps the effectiveness of your turning to Christian Science..” – Sometimes people who have been in CS for quite some time seek help from other systems, justifying it by saying: …until I gain more or better understanding.. – not realizing the “sapping” . Thank you very much!

    • And good afternoon to you, too, Gabriele! Thanks for dropping in from Germany! 🙂 Always glad to hear from German friends–new and old! And I’m so happy that you found the post helpful.

  5. Thanks, Ken. Great analogy. Will watch to make sure my thought isn’t parked in illegal zones; but, instead that I’m parking my thought in the safety zone of God’s laws. 🙂

  6. Thanks Kenneth. These questions and comments really helped me reflect on some things this evening. 🙂

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