Aligning our footsteps

It was late winter of 1990—about a month before I encountered the saving truth of Christian Science for the first time.  I had been practicing a particular technically difficult section of my Piano Sonata, No. 1—a passage that involved three different simultaneous and unrelated rhythmic subdivisions going on.  The differences in the occurrences of each melodic line’s rhythms were minute fractions of a second apart, and I had achieved the mental precision and clarity which led to the realization of it in my playing.

That day also happened to be my birthday and I thought that I would head into Harvard Square and get a nice meal—which I did.  And while there I decided to have a glass of wine in celebration of the day.  It was all very pleasurable.

Tracks in snow Waldoboro ME 2010But that pleasure was short-lived—as materially illusive pleasures inevitably are.  When I got home to resume my practice, I found that the clarity of thought and performance was no longer there.  That precision I had worked so hard for was off.  It was as if all that I was attempting to hear was out of phase with the production of the sound.  And no matter how I tried to focus my thought, it just wasn’t happening.  I resolved then and there to not consume alcohol again—it simply wasn’t worth it.  The next day, my playing had all the precision that was formerly there—the influence of the stimulant having left me.

I learned a metaphysical lesson that night and one which was to grow in my thinking as I began the study of Christian Science—and one that continues to resonate in my experience.

The question I frequently find myself asking is: Am I living in accord with my growing understanding of the omnipresence, omniscience, omnipotence, and omni-activity of almighty God—of divine Love?  Or, have I let the influence of mortal mind—the carnal mind, error, and evil—into my consciousness and thereby cause my thoughts and actions to be out of phase with God?

Am I truly striving to have all my footsteps in alignment with infinite Mind?

That concept of human footsteps is extremely vital to the successful practice of Christian Science.  Sadly, I have too frequently heard some of my fellow Christian Scientists speak of “human footsteps” in a derisive or derogatory manner—as if they shouldn’t be considered or were only to be tolerated.

But did you know that the mention of “human footsteps” occurs only one time in all of the published writings of Mary Baker Eddy, the Founder and Discover of Christian Science?

The divine demand, “Be ye therefore perfect,” is scientific, and the human footsteps leading to perfection are indispensable. (Science and Health, p. 253)

So, where is there a hint of any detrimental association with those footsteps?

Wouldn’t it be just like the carnal mind to suggest to us that human footsteps aren’t indispensable—in a blatant contradiction of Science and Health—to cause us to hesitate and/or not “… follow the leadings of truth” (Science and Health, p. 151)? To cause us to devalue the importance of taking those steps—those steps that are indispensable to obeying the divine demand to be perfect?

If our healing practices for others as well as ourselves are to be increasingly effective then we need to make sure—through prayer—that our footsteps are aligned with God.  And then we need to take them!

6 thoughts on “Aligning our footsteps

  1. Thanks Ken, for your insights. Mrs. Eddy reiterates your important point when she asks: “Who would stand before a blackboard, and pray the principle of mathematics to solve the problem? The rule is already established, and it is our task to work out the solution. Shall we ask the divine Principle of all goodness to do His own work? His work is done, and we have only to avail ourselves of God’s rule in order to receive His blessing, which enables us to work out our own salvation.”

  2. Thank you, Ken, for “Aligning our footsteps.” I’ve been inspired to make Chapter 8 – Footsteps of Truth in Science and Health, my weekend reading. ( Also … alignment … atonement … at-one-ment … yet another chapter! 🙂 Decades ago, when I was new to Christian Science, I was told that there’s no such thing as a “non-practicing” Christian Scientist. That was the greatest information I could have received, having wondered from childhood, why Christ’s Christianity is so often crowded out by rites and rituals; readings and expoundings; and competitions for who’s the “GOODest.” I love being reminded that, “The best sermon ever preached is Truth practiced and demonstrated by the destruction of sin, sickness, and death” (S&H 201). What a “gift” Mrs. Eddy gave us in discovering, living, proving, and sharing Christian Science! 🙂 To learn how to live like Jesus, taking dominion by overcoming evil with Good and thereby proving the sovereignty of God! For any Christian, what’s better than that? Easy? Not always; but, natural to the Truth of our real being as God’s own children. In all of my desire to be good, Christian Science helps me to “stay honest,” as my continued study reveals hidden hypocrisies or “foes in ambush.” Mrs. Eddy wrote, “… we pray in secret and let our lives attest our sincerity” (S&H 15). So, if I really want to be more Christly, I have to BE more Christly. 🙂 Thanks again, Ken.

  3. Ken dear, thank you for this message, another inspired alertness to duty. It reminded me of the significance of the human and divine coincidence. How is this experienced except outwardly in our footsteps, in our outward actions and experience. We’re not just beautiful inwardly, our beauty must be outwardly seen too………isn’t that the point? Truth is here to be seen and felt not just known. You also, are reminding us, of the immense discipline and self-abnegation that sincere students and practitioners of Christian Science actually live on a daily basis. Not everyone is willing to take these steps, live this discipline. So those who do, deserve our respect and gratitude. Thank you for your commitment and follow through Ken. You and Carolyn are exceptional thinkers and doers……happy weekend.

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