Should auld acquaintance be forgot…

The title of today’s post is taken from Robert Burns’s famous poem so often sung throughout the English-speaking world as the New Year is rung in.  The entire first line reads:

Should auld acquaintance be forgot, and never brought to mind?

It’s a rhetorical question about bringing to mind those who are no longer with us or of times gone by.

But as I was thinking about that famous line, I saw it in a very different light.  A light that made me answer a resounding “Yes!” to his question.

Now, to be clear, I’m not talking about callously forgetting old friends or times, but about another type of “acquaintance.”

Let me explain.

Arlington Snow 12.30.12Perhaps, you’ve had too long an acquaintance with some form of illness, or behavioral problem, or you’ve been dealing with employment or relationship issues that just don’t seem to get better.  And you’re not receiving the healing that you want and that you deserve.  That’s right—the healing that you deserve.  As God’s precious idea you deserve to see and experience who you really are—His image and likeness!

Don’t let that supposed acquaintance with whatever the situation appears to be take on any sense of your identity.  Don’t let it become comfortable.  Don’t let it cozy up to you.  And don’t let it in any way, shape, or form feel normal or natural, or something that you can “live with.”

Error—in any form—is no part of you.  It has never been part of you.  It will never be part of you.  And you can never be made to believe that it is!

Mary Baker Eddy wrote:

Truth has no home in error, and error has no foothold in Truth. (Science and Health, p. 282)

And you, dear friends, are the reflection—the image and likeness—of Truth, of God.  That’s why you have no home in error and it has no home in you.  None!

In his letter to the Philippians, the Apostle Paul stated:

… forgetting those things which are behind, and reaching forth unto those things which are before, I press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus.

We are each and every one of us empowered by our Creator to cast away the false beliefs of the dream of material existence as we press on to that high calling that Paul referred to.  We can forget the lies of the past.  We can see their nothingness.  And we can understand and experience the ever-present harmony of our all-good Father-Mother God.  In fact, we are authorized by none other than God to do so.

In her Miscellaneous Writings (p. 151), Mrs. Eddy stated:

Brother, sister, beloved in the Lord, knowest thou thyself, and art thou acquainted with God? If not, I pray thee as a Christian Scientist, delay not to make Him thy first acquaintance.

And He’s the only acquaintance that we should never forget!

14 thoughts on “Should auld acquaintance be forgot…

  1. I am so grateful to Phil for bringing this article to my attention and of course, to YOU, for writing it. 🙂 This inspired, inspiring, and most profound perspective about acquaintances reminds me of talking with my granddaughter over Christmastime about choosing friends and being a friend, according to qualities of character – not person. I love your “heads up” about not cozying up to chronic illnesses, etc. that have become familiar and subsequently accepted as “old acquaintances,” which become part of how we identify ourselves. I love Christian Science for giving us permission to and training in challenging, overcoming, and even irradicating all enmity against God/Good, according to Christ’s Christianity! And I absolutely LOVE that you remind us that God is “the only acquaintance that we should never forget!” Thank you, again, Ken. (I’ll be posting a copy of this on Phil’s website, too.)

    • Hi Nela,
      I’m so glad that Phil posted it, too! 🙂 Thanks for sharing about your granddaughter. And I’m really happy that you found it so helpful! 🙂

  2. Ken dear: I’ve known your work for a while now, so I feel I can speak accurately when I make the following observation: God is truly using you. You have always loved the Truth and humanity, but it seems to me that as illustrated in this posting and in other current offerings, you have deepened in your understanding of Truth and Life and of our relationship therewith. This current message is extraordinary in its wisdom and love and humanity. I find this posting very valuable to work I am currently supporting. It feels as if you wrote this article for me, though I know you did not. It is that pertient to this moment. Thank you for your love and dedication and giving. Happy New Year too, to you and your dear family. Always with love…………

    • All I can say is “Thank you”, Leah. You’re words are very kind and moving. And I’m so happy to hear that you’ve found this post helpful at this moment. As we say in our household: YAY, GOD!!! 🙂

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